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A number of UConn's international players face unique challenges in the world of NIL. (Photo Credit: Domenic Allegra)

Locked on Women’s Basketball: International NIL

By The Next / March 24, 2023

Gabriella Levine joins host Natalie Heavren to break down the unique situation in the world of NIL for UConn’s international players.

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Lisa Leslie previews the Sweet 16 of the 2023 NCAA Tournament 

By The Next / March 23, 2023

Howard and Lisa Leslie chat about DraftKings, her inside-outside game and the 2023 NCAA Tournament

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Dan Hughes talks NCAA Tournament, Seattle Storm tenure and his ties

By The Next / March 22, 2023

Howard and Dan Hughes chat about his tie collection, broadcasting and WNBA coaching career

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Atlanta Dream’s Kia Vaughn, now in front office, reflects on her career

By The Next / March 21, 2023

Howard and Kia Vaughn chat about her WNBA career, coach Vivian Stringer’s impact and leadership role

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Down goes Stanford and more as the 2023 NCAA tournament marches on

By The Next / March 20, 2023

Missy and Alex break down the upset, Stanford’s struggles and Iowa’s win

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Locked on Women’s Basketball: Good, bad and ugly for WNBA Draft prospects

By The Next / March 18, 2023

Which sharpshooters’ games will translate best to the WNBA?

Screenshot of WNBL writer Hayley Wildes from the podcast recording with a text overlay that reads "WNBL Finals are here."

Locked on Women’s Basketball: The WNBL Finals have arrived

By The Next / March 17, 2023

WNBL writer Hayley Wildes joined Isabel Rodrigues to help preview the league finals between Townsville and Southside.

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Utah and Lynne Roberts are ready to make noise in the NCAA Tournament

By The Next / March 16, 2023

Roberts: ‘Salt Lake City’s an incredible city’

Sacred Heart head coach Jessica Mannetti smiles during her podcast appearance. The text "Cinderella Arrives" is overlaid at the bottom in all caps, the Locked on Women's Basketball logo is in the upper right corner, and host Howard Megdal is shown underneath the logo.

Locked on Women’s Basketball: NCAA Tournament Cinderella Sacred Heart is ready to go dancing

By The Next / March 15, 2023

Head coach Jessica Mannetti: ‘To be able to have a turnaround like this … it’s everything you dream about’

From her dominance on the court, to her thriving off-the-court ventures, Haley Jones does it all.

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Haley Jones does it all

By The Next / March 14, 2023

Stanford’s Haley Jones joins Howard to discuss how she manages to balance her success on the court with her off-the-court ventures and NIL