Alana Beard

Los Angeles Sparks guard Alana Beard shoots a left-handed jump shot. The phrases "WNBA Retrospect" and "The Great Utility Wing" are overlaid at the bottom in all caps, and the orange Locked on Women's Basketball logo is in the upper right corner.

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Scouting Alana Beard, the greatest perimeter defender in WNBA history

By The Next / September 2, 2023

‘She’s able to make these impact plays in spaces where you don’t really see it coming’

Alana Beard. (WNBA Media Central)

How Alana Beard’s vision fits with Oakland WNBA expansion

By Gabriella Lewis / October 29, 2021

AASEG leadership group and Oakland municipal leaders continue progress

Who wins Defensive Player of the Year in the WNBA?

By Jenn Hatfield / October 9, 2021

Looking at the award’s history, one position tends to be favored, winning 17 of the 25 awards to date