The image is split down the middle; left: Zaay Green walks while dribbling the ball; right: Naomie Alnatas dribbles around a defender

Daily Briefing — Feb. 6, 2022: Liz Angeles

By Em Adler / February 6, 2022

Plus the worst combined shooting performance in the HHS era

Naz Hillmon prepares to go up for a barely-contested layup, her upper body lit normally but her lower body shaded in bluelight

Daily Briefing — Jan. 25, 2022: Nevada, Air Force make Sickos history

By Em Adler / January 25, 2022

Naz Hillmon has a virtually perfect night

Iyana Moore stands in a defensive stance, facing an opposing ball-handler.

Daily Briefing — Dec. 29, 2021: Feeling pretty sicko, with Charleston Southern and Winthrop

By Em Adler / December 29, 2021

A pair of career-high 32-point efforts from point guards leads their teams to victory