October 1, 2020 

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Hi! I want to talk to you about my incredible team at The Next, and why you should support their work if you care about women’s basketball, the coverage of it, and how the pipeline for our sports media industry works. You’re part of our free list, so you know much of this already, seeing the incredible work in your inbox every single day.

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In September alone, we published more than 130 reported stories on women’s basketball, taking you inside the #wubble, delivering breaking news and in-depth features on every team, along with college, international and recruiting stories.

How many publications publish 130 women’s basketball stories in a month? In a year?

These stories are not behind a paywall. They are free to everyone. This is deliberate. Women’s basketball needs more attention. Our young journalists deserve to have everyone in the industry see the incredible work they are doing. It’s why you see their bylines at other publications. But their home base is here at The Next, where we always cover women’s basketball.

About that group doing this at The Next — we’re different than the newsrooms you’re seeing most places. We’re younger, we’re diverse. We’re reporting on women’s basketball every day, giving us the background to go do it anywhere. The consistency is key for coverage and training.

The response already at The Next, people stepping up and paying $9 a month, $72 a year — pennies per story — to help us get to a place of stability and permanence — it has been so gratifying to everyone. Because this needs to happen for women’s basketball coverage. You know this needs to happen for women’s basketball, to tilt this landscape toward equality.

Our group goes to any length to get your stories. Natalie Heavren ran from playing in a pep band to go cover a postgame. Jackie Powell did an interview amid the bustle of Grand Central Station. Ari Chambers breaks news backstage during modeling shoots. The level of commitment is total.

So if you haven’t joined us yet w/ a paid subscription, consider helping people like Jackie, like Natalie, like Ari see that their work IS valued, help them meet expenses while expanding their beats, and assure The Next of a future we all know it deserves, and that women’s basketball needs it to have.

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Written by Howard Megdal

Howard is the founder of The Next and editor-in-chief.

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