October 23, 2020 

Get ready, there’s even more women’s basketball coming your way

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Hi all: Howard Megdal here. I’ll keep this short, as I know you’re anxious to begin your weekend.

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Since the final buzzer sounded, ending the WNBA season, we’ve been busy, because there’s no offseason for 24/7/365 coverage of women’s basketball.

We’ve published 33 reported pieces since that buzzer sounded, including breaking news, massive long-term data projects to raise the level of coverage everywhere, inside looks at college hoops and continued spotlighting of the vital racial justice work being done in 2020.

That’s all happened alongside something you haven’t seen: our staff is busy collecting information, conducting interviews and writing massive college hoops previews for major conferences and smaller conferences alike, set to provide you with a comprehensive guide for the college basketball season that’s just a few weeks away.

Subscribers will get a first look at those previews, and will be invited to special Zoom events with our incredibly knowledgeable staff.

Here at The Next, we never stop working to give you the kind of sports media experience those who follow men’s sports can take for granted, the kind of insider access we’ve all been desperate for all these years, while training the young, diverse future of the sports media industry in the process.

A point of personal pride: our Bailey Johnson, writing in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, just this afternoon. We’ve placed writers at The Athletic, The New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Bleacher Report — the list goes on and on.

Women’s basketball writers, trained to do this work, to pitch to editors in the room because they know how to get the story and execute it. They can prove it, and show skeptical decision-makers that it is possible to cover this sport year-round, with the urgency it deserves. This is central to the mission at The Next.

Because of those of you who have stepped up and become paid subscribers, it is working. We’re changing the sports media landscape together.

If you’re supporting this work, please know how much it means to every one of us, that you are on board to help us build what we all know is desperately needed. You are helping us to tell stories that would be otherwise lost forever.

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Either way, thank you for taking the time to read what we do every day, the sport we love and live to cover.

Written by Howard Megdal

Howard is the founder of The Next and editor-in-chief.

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