June 4, 2024 

‘It’s history’: Overtime Select poised to elevate top high school prospects

New league is redefining high school women's basketball

ATLANTA — A group of the nation’s top high school players were on the court together ahead of the inaugural season of Overtime Select, a groundbreaking women’s basketball league headlined by nine team captains1. The league will feature eight teams comprised of the nation’s elite recruits competing over four weeks in August and September.

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During practice, coaches organized the captains into three groups to run through drills. Jerzy Robinson, ESPN’s No. 1 recruit in the 2026 high school class, was joined by Jazzy Davidson, the No. 3 recruit in 2026, and Jenica Lewis, the No. 26 recruit in 2026, to work on making live-ball passes out of dribble handoffs.

Meanwhile, on another court, Mia Pauldo, the No. 8 recruit in 2025, was paired with Kaleena Smith, the National Freshman of the Year, for ball-handling drills and practicing taking precise angles out of ball screens. 

It’s truly unprecedented to find this much talent in one location, and this was only a tease for what’s to come. With commitments from every top 10 recruit in the 2025 recruiting class and 9 of 10 in 2026, Overtime Select is poised to elevate the top high school prospects — on and off the court.

“There’s nothing that’s happened like this for women’s basketball, so it’s cool to be part of the first group of girls doing this,” Davidson told The Next.

The excitement surrounding Overtime Select is palpable, as illustrated by five-star rising sophomore GG Banks. “I was in shock,” Banks said about her reaction to being invited to join Overtime Select. “They called and said they wanted to talk to me and my parents. I was like, ‘This is amazing.’ I never thought I’d get a call like that. It’s history being the first captains.”

In May 2023, Overtime hosted WBB Takeover at OTE Arena in Atlanta. The event included a 1-on-1 competition, a 3-point contest and a 5-on-5 game. Among the 13 players in attendance: twin sisters Mia and Mya Paldo.

“[Me and my sister] mentioned to a staff member at the Overtime Takeover Event that we should definitely have a women’s basketball league,” Mia Pauldo told The Next. “For them to really take in that information and what we want to do to grow the game, they’ve applied it to everything they’re doing here. Me and Mya felt like we were heard; Overtime is a big platform to expand women’s basketball.”

The league’s structure represents a significant shift in the women’s high school basketball landscape. Overtime Select is focused on providing high-level competition and preparing players for the future, both in terms of player development and navigating the Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) landscape.

“They are setting us up for college,” Mia Pauldo emphasized. “This is really a college prep environment. They are also big on NIL and content, so they understand all of the different platforms and help players build their own platforms.”

Robinson echoed this sentiment, highlighting the league’s social media-savvy background. “Definitely how to navigate the social media and NIL world,” Robinson told The Next. “I want to learn how to maximize that and learn how to say no, but also build relationships and have fun. I believe relationships can take you very far.”

Overtime Select captains run through practice with over a dozen trainers at OTE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia (Photo credit: Hunter Cruse | The Next)

A significant advantage for players at Overtime Select is the extensive resources available to them to improve their game. This includes on-site skill trainers, a comprehensive strength and conditioning program, a player’s lounge and meal plans designed and prepared by nutritionists.

“This is definitely beneficial for my health,” Mya Pauldo added. “I’m going to get stronger [and] also, on the court, I’m going to be able to break down my game to become a better point guard and player in general. I’ll be able to gain knowledge from pros and experienced trainers.”

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For Hailee Swain, a five-star recruit committed to Stanford, Robinson and Smith, balancing multiple commitments over the summer is crucial. In July, the trio will represent Team USA at the U17 World Cup in Mexico, participate in the AAU circuit throughout the next two months and play for Overtime Select in August. 

“For one, listening to my body is a big thing,” Swain told The Next. “If I need rest and recovery, I’m definitely going to do it. Also, using the people [in my circle] around me to help me.”

Overtime Select has an opportunity to redefine high school women’s basketball through its unparalleled player support and resources. As Banks said, this is history.

“Getting the word out on how talented we are is the main thing,” Jenica Lewis told The Next.

A schedule has yet to be announced, but the teams will have a four-week season beginning in August.


  1. The captains include Aaliyah Chavez, Jazzy Davidson, Jerzy Robinson, Hailee Swain, Jenica Lewis, GG Banks, Kaleena Smith, and Mia Pauldo and Mya Pauldo as co-captains. ↩︎

Written by Hunter Cruse

Hunter Cruse covers the Atlanta Dream and the WNBA Draft for The Next.

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