April 5, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: 2023 Women’s Final Four and the implications for LSU, South Carolina

Howard and Gabriella chat about the importance of social media, coach Mulkey's success and SEC

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. Host Howard Megdal is joined by The Next SEC reporter Gabriella Lewis to discuss all the implications, present and future, in LSU’s national championship. What does it all mean for the Tigers, their future, and the balance of power in the SEC? And for South Carolina, a Final Four season to cap an incredible season means Dawn Staley have plenty to celebrate and remain a behemoth in the conference.

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Gabriella talks about the importance of social media in women’s basketball:

“She had a million followers on Instagram this morning; I believe that Angel Reese had only 600,000 a couple of weeks ago, I could be wrong on the exact numbers, but I know she hit a million this morning. That’s huge. She has 17 NIL deals; I think she was the most potentially of anyone. I think she understands social marketing. LSU is brought on a person to do that with them and do partnerships. And so I think she’s a genius in the marketing world. And I also think that she’s very impressive with the criticism she can take and kind of that fueling her on a social landscape because that is very challenging.”

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Gabriella talks about coach Kim Mulkey’s success:

“Yeah, and you can say a lot about coach Mulkey. And I think sometimes you should, right like, when I speak about her coaching, that’s one thing, but she knows how to recruit for her system. Well, I think she’s growing it. And obviously, they won because of the three the other night. Jasmine Carson was insane from three. But also, she knows how to recruit for players who have her system and has this reputation for being a very good developer of bigs, right? Throughout the season. I heard from folks like; I came here because we wanted to be develop LaDazhia Williams said that. I came to LSU because coach Mulkey knows how to develop bigs. Brittney Griner is potentially one of the best bigs of all time, and she wanted to come to that system.”

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