March 24, 2022 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: 68 to the Sweet 16

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We’re going to get into what it all means with Em Adler, Missy Heidrick and we will tell you all about what this new partnership means with The Next. You’re here at Locked On Women’s Basketball.

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Howard Megdal spoke to Em about NC State all things in the Bridgeport region; Missy will be down in Wichita for us this weekend. And we had a conversation about Louisville, Tennessee, South Dakota, Michigan going to be interesting.

Em spoke about Diamond Johnson and obviously, we had Diamond up here, Howard is coming from Jersey, and Johnson was here at Rutgers looked like the next big star coming out of Rutgers. And when you look at Diamond’s freshman year, she really put up numbers that were comparable to any combo guard in the country.

Howard asked Em about Diamond coming off the bench:

“So first things first, just coming off the bench because NC State is starting a fifth or sixth or grad student at point guard and Raina Perez. She’s incredibly steady. She’s a really good shooter and the floor game is excellent. And she just had the experience of the team. This is her second year there. And there’s no reason not to have her start. At the two spot.”

Howard then spoke to Missy and what it is like in the city of Wichita:

“Well, I think the nice part about Wichita is that it is easily accessible for many people. So you can fly directly into Wichita, Southwest American, everything. So folks that are coming from Louisville and Tennessee, etc. It’s going to be easy access. Michigan fans coming from the upper Peninsula. They’re going to be able to get there. It’s an easy drive.”

Enjoy the latest Locked On Women’s basketball podcast episode with The Next staff.

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