August 11, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Ari Chambers is the bridge to women’s basketball and so much more 

Ari Chambers the creator of HighlightHer joins Howard to talk about the Wilson collaboration and more

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal. Ari Chambers, the creator of HighlightHer and so much more in the women’s basketball space, has collaborated with Wilson on a brand new basketball that honors so much of the work that drives her. She joins Howard to talk about that process.

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Ari Chambers talks about what Wilson represents and the collaboration:

“Well, first of all, the price of the ball is really significant because I believe in October of 96, is when they signed the WNBA from David Stern’s thoughts to on paper. And so shout out to him and May his soul rest in peace. But that was the beginning of the WNBA. And the 19th Amendment allowed women to vote. And so, I mean, we still have a long way for black and brown women, but it’s their significance within that price, too.

I’m looking at my set. And this is so funny because I didn’t realize how much Wilson I had on my set. But it really is a brand that’s in perfect alignment with me. From day one, they felt like family and they didn’t have to do that. I had no previous connections to them. And then just knowing that they grew to be such a family because they saw the work on the grassroots level that I was doing and they wanted to invest in it.”

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Ari Chambers talks about the sports community and how HighlightHer has grown on social media:

“I don’t think I ever processed the magnitude of the movement. And that’s something that I have to work on myself. But it shows that there’s a demand for it; we have HighlightHer, we have Just Women’s Sports, WSlam, we have Locked On Women’s Basketball and all the other independent outlets that are working tirelessly to cover women’s sports. And obviously, if they can all exist, there’s an appetite for women’s sports. And it’s not a niche.

So, when I see over 200,000 people following HighlightHer on Instagram, it’s just a good indication that women’s sports popularity is, at this point, so undeniable.”

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