December 19, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Mid-major conference changes, challenging schedules and more with Belmont HC Bart Brooks

Missy and coach Bart Brooks chat about why he believes this team is the best he's had despite their 3-7 record

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. Belmont’s head coach Bart Brooks sits with The Next‘s Missy Heidrick to discuss everything about the Bruins. They discuss why Brooks believes this team is the best he’s had despite their 3-7 record.

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Coach Bart Brooks talks about what he has learned in the nonconference season so far:

“Yeah, our nonconference schedule it’s been challenging this year, obviously. And I think what I’ve learned the most about going through a long stretch of not getting a positive result is that we’re still pretty good. I really like my team; I think we’re probably the best team I’ve ever had here since I’ve been the head coach at Belmont. And the results might not indicate that. But I think what I see every day in terms of the progress and the growth and competitiveness of our players in our team, we’re really good.”

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Bart Brooks talks about the holiday break and what his team might look like after the break:

“Yeah, we give our team usually a pretty good break. And part of this is last year. Unfortunately, we all got sick with COVID on Dec. 15. Everyone went home. And we didn’t come back until the 26th. When they came back, everyone looked really good; they looked refreshed, they looked ready to have a great nonconference season and we ended up having a really good nonconference season. And as a coach, I think you’re always nervous when you send your players home that they’re going to come back; they’re going to sit on a couch eating potato chips for six straight days and not be able to move around.

And in reality, I think that a break is probably healthy and good for them in the middle of the season when everyone needs to get away and mentally refresh, physically recharge and then come back and get after it. So we’re going to give them a good five days off. That’s a good long break and then they get back and we will prepare for the gauntlet that is the Missouri Valley.”

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