February 28, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Big Ten conference tourney preview, VP of women’s basketball Megan Kahn 

Missy and Megan chat about her specific position at the Big Ten, the conference brand and elevating the Big Ten

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. Host Missy Heidrick is joined by Big Ten VP of women’s basketball Megan Kahn to talk all things Big Ten ahead of this week’s conference tournament. In addition, Kahn discusses her specific position at the Big Ten.

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Megan Kahn talks about why she chose the position at the Big Ten:

“Well, I was immediately attracted; I was not in a women’s basketball-centric role in my previous position. But previous to that, I’ve been into women’s basketball-centric roles with ACC first and at the time I was at the ACC; they were the first conference in the country to ever sell out a tournament game for their women. So I got a chance to sort of learn and experience what that was like. And had the opportunity to run two women’s Final Four in 2015 and 2019 in Tampa. And just thought that if the right job ever came along, that was women’s basketball centric; I would be interested in and when I heard that they were creating this position somebody reached out to me and asked if I’d be interested. And it took me all about 10 seconds. And said absolutely.”

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Megan Kahn talks about elevating the brand of the Big Ten:

“Yeah, every single day, I’m thinking about how are we elevating the brand of Big Ten women’s basketball, and it helps that we have amazing student-athletes, amazing teams, and amazing coaches on the floor; they certainly make my job easier. But I’m constantly thinking about how can we put ourselves in a position, that nobody else is doing or thinking about and, where can we leverage brands? Where we’ve never leveraged brand before? Is that through merchandise collaborations? Is it through certain digital opportunities? Is it our new TV and media partners? Next year, we’ll introduce NBC Peacock as a media partner; that’s 30 additional exposures that we’ve never had before, either on linear streaming.

CBS, for the first time ever, will broadcast a women’s tournament championship game. So in 2024, our tournament championship game will be on CBS and nearly every single household in the country. So, those are opportunities where we’re leveraging our brand; we can grow our brand and expose new people to Big Ten women’s basketball.”

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