December 8, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Brittney Griner is coming home; Alyssa Ustby powers North Carolina 

Howard talks about the news that Brittney Griner's long detention in Russia has finally come to an end — Alyssa Ustby joins the show to weigh in on BG's return

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal talking about the news that Brittney Griner’s long detention in Russia has finally ended. On what it means from a basketball perspective and, most important, from a human perspective. Then UNC’s star guard/forward Alyssa Ustby joins the show to weigh in on BG’s return.

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Howard talks about Brittney Griner coming home after nine months in Russia:

“The news that broke earlier this morning that Brittney Griner, after nine months, being unjustly held by the Russian government first in a Russian prison and then a Russian penal colony, she’s coming home. For me, as somebody who has been in this space for a long time, it has been a challenge to figure out exactly how to handle this. You know, we are, of course, trying to make sure we are amplifying without making things harder. At a time that we were told news stories about it strengthened Russia’s hand. We had to balance that against making sure people knew what was going on because everybody cared.

This is a great day, but Brittney Griner will never get that time back. Cherelle Griner will never get the time back with her, life is precious and life is finite.”

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Alyssa Ustby talks about Brittney Griner’s release:

“Yeah, I would say that, I’m excited for Brittney and her family. That is huge and for the rest of the basketball community because if you watched a lot of women’s basketball, you could have seen a lot of people supporting Brittney Griner during their own basketball games. And I thought that was a very special moment. So excited for her.”

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