May 3, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Darius Taylor talks Connecticut Sun 

Howard and Darius chat about balancing work and family, his wife Joni Taylor coaching at Texas A&M — Connecticut Sun roster

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. For Darius Taylor, life is complicated. He’s the general manager of the Connecticut Sun, while his wife, Joni Taylor, is building a powerhouse at Texas A&M. Darius tells host Howard Megdal how they make it all work in Segment 1, while Segment 2 is dedicated to the intriguing Sun roster.

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Darius talks about balancing work and family life:

“Yeah, that’s hard, but I think it starts with the grace of God has given us this opportunity and allowing us to have parents that are retired that can help us a lot. And both my parents and her parents are retired educators, and we trust them with our children in terms of helping them learn and grow as the children into young adults. A lot of planning, a lot of communication. I think it helps that me being in the W and her in college, our seasons don’t really intertwine as much we’re backed up to each other, but we don’t intertwine.

“And it also helps that I moved from coaching into more of a front office role, which allows me to be around more and adds more trial balance, especially with her taking on a new job here at Texas A&M, which, when you hit the ground running on a new job, it’s nonstop. You never seen like you have a day off, but a lot of planning, communication, and looking at the calendars early.

“I am still trying to build time for us and time for family. I still try to make my Friday dates with my girls as much as possible. We have movie nights. I’m not gonna be there on Friday; then we might move into Wednesday. So today might be movie night for them. So always try to keep those special moments. And our girls have been resilient and very understanding of our jobs. And always what helps us is how many sleeps you’re gonna miss. So how many sleeps before we see you again? And then, like I said, our parents are doing a tremendous job helping us out; they practically kind of live with us. And they just go home to check on their own home.”

Darius talks about rookie guard Alexis Morris and evaluating her skill set:

“I’ve been watching Lex probably since she was playing AAU. So I know her capability and what she can do. As you mentioned, it is hard making a roster in this league, especially on a team that is playing with 11. And also, she’s going to have to do every bit of work to earn that spot. But like I said, on draft night, I thought she was a first-round talent. I thought she was one of the most consistent point guards this season in college. It’s all about the transition, I think the hardest transition for college players is, I think in a post and in the point guard position when you get to this level. And so it’s a learning process, it’s a learning curve, and it’s how fast you pick things up. And it’s being able to do multiple things at one time, make multiple reads, a lot of times, in college, you kind of told like, this is gonna be there. So that’s what you look for.

“Now with this game, its players are playing, and you got to play off of them. And so you got to read more just at a faster pace and make quick decisions. And so that’s the thing. She’s trying to pick up now. And that will take some time for her to do that. And at the end of the day, we’ll see where the chips fall. But I think she’s had good energy in practice. I think she’s doing what she needs to do to learn and pick things up. And we’ll just have to see towards the end of training camp where things land.”

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