January 11, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Dre’Una Edwards of Baylor talks winding path that landed her in Waco

Howard and Dre'Una Edwards discuss Kentucky — Baylor and her career goals after basketball

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal. As reported last week at The Next, Dre’Una Edwards is at a crossroads with Baylor. She’s a critical part of the team in practice, off the floor and a vital part of the university in every way. But without a signoff from Kyra Elzy and Kentucky, her former school, she cannot play basketball.

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Dre’Una Edwards talks about the infamous shot that helped Kentucky win the SEC title over South Carolina:

“Um, how often do I think about the shot? I would say in the summer, maybe I thought about it a lot more. Now I’m focused on this season with a new team; I’m worried about trying to get on the court and lead the team as much as possible. So I don’t think about the shot as much anymore. But I definitely still think about it, it’s still a great memory to have.”

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Dre’Una Edwards talks about how she has evolved throughout this process. Also, pursuing a career outside of basketball:

“I think just because I was going through a lot last year and I feel like I wasn’t who I was and I kind of find myself when I was suspended for that amount of time at Kentucky last spring semester. I kind of just didn’t want to keep dwelling on the past or dwelling on who I was. And I wanted to be someone different. And then, when I came to Baylor, they pushed me and motivated me to be better. And you know it’s a new start, so I felt like a new person. And they’ve been helping me be a great person. So super grateful.”

“I want to do a lot outside of basketball to help the community. And I think I’ve been doing really well. I’m getting connections and making connections to have outlets for that as soon as basketball is over. Well, after I play in the WNBA for some time, I want to be a correctional counselor for juveniles. And I also want to open a nonprofit for kids.”

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