May 24, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Everyone loves Emma Meesseman

The Entertainment and Sports Arena where the Mystics currently play is 'The House that Emma Meesseman Built'

On today’s Locked on Women’s Basketball episode, host Howard Megdal and Jenn Hatfield share thoughts on Emma Meesseman, a member of the 2019 Washington Mystics who won the WNBA title and returned to DC this weekend.

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Jenn speaks about the return of Meesseman and how special she is to Washington:

“Yes, I think the first thing that’s important to understand is that the Mystics have welcomed back several former players last year. Kristi Toliver came through, which I wrote about, and that was really fun. Aerial Powers came through, folks from their 2019 championship team. Six of them are on the roster right now.

Emma Meesseman, like I wrote in a story in February, the Entertainment and Sports Arena, where the Mystics currently play, is ‘The House that Emma Meesseman Built.’ She is the Mystics franchise over the past decade. So they didn’t just welcome back any old friend or any legend. They welcomed back the franchise’s career leader in win shares, career leader in blocks and someone who is top six in pretty much every other category.”

Jenn talks more about Meesseman and what she meant to the Mystics over the years:

“I talked to Natasha Cloud on the Mystics’ practice court before the game and I asked her, ‘What’s something that you learned from Emma or just took away from your time together while you were teammates?’ I believe they were teammates for four years off the top of my head. And Natasha said, ‘Her unselfishness.’ She will do whatever the team needs and you see that in her play, almost to a fault sometimes. But that is something that really resonates with all her teammates because she is just the opposite of the arrogant superstar.”

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