January 9, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Every mid-major NCAA team you need to know from Columbia to Portland

Missy chats all things mid-major and the teams you need to know

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Missy Heidrick to tell you about all the mid-major your friends should have warned you about. Everything from Columbia’s high-powered offense to Alex Fowler’s Portland season.

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Missy talks about the Ivy League and who is leading the league:

“Princeton, they have been the story the last few years; Carla Berube is the head coach for the Tigers. They had a great run last year into the NCAA tournament. But yet, they had a loss earlier, their first conference loss in a very long time. On Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, they lost to Harvard and then really didn’t have the bounce back that they needed and lost again to Columbia. They beat them 55 to 55 in overtime. Columbia had lost 27 straight games to Princeton and they get the better of them in that overtime win.

So who’s leading the league right now? Well, to a little bit of a surprise for some, it’s Penn. They’re currently 3-0; they then went and knocked off Columbia, who had just beaten Princeton, they beat them 71 to 67. So the ever-changing world of the Ivy League, will it look like this in 16 weeks? Not 100% sure. Does Princeton have the firepower and the players to be able to make that run for their league title and the conference tournament? Absolutely. But what I like about the Ivy League is this is an incredibly balanced league and you’re going to see great basketball night in and night out.”

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Missy talks about Player of the Week, Katelyn Young:

“She is on this watch list for the Becky Hammon award for 2023. She’s averaging almost 21 points a game so far this year. She has been named the Missouri Valley Player of the Week multiple times. But this is not news for Katelyn Young; she was an all-conference player in the Ohio Valley before Murray State made the move to the Missouri Valley. And I think one of the things she brings is a versatile game; she becomes a matchup problem for people with her size and ability to rebound the basketball. I like Katelyn Young a lot and she is really helping Murray State have a very successful season.”

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