July 5, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Just who are the New York Liberty? And how does Crystal Dangerfield define them? 

Howard and Jackie discuss New York Liberty's past of couple games struggles

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal and The Next New York Liberty beat reporter Jackie Powell. So why did the New York Liberty take a step back over the past two games, following a ten-game stretch in which they had the best net rating in the WNBA?

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Jackie speaks about the Liberty’s past couple of games’ struggles:

“So the Liberty had been flowing really well in the majority of the month of June. And it made sense that at some point, especially with the fact that they haven’t had a full healthy roster this entire season, that some of their key pieces would start to, I guess, feel the fatigue or feel sort of the need to recharge and then sometimes what comes with recharging is that you don’t recharge at full strength. So they were off for six days in between playing Atlanta twice.

Betnijah Laney is still out until late July, early August. She got married, which was wonderful to see. And Jocelyn Willoughby could play in this back to back but my guess is probably they’re just gonna let her come back after the all-star break. And then you have Rebecca Allen, who you know she played her first game after being in concussion protocol for three weeks.”

Jackie talks about Crystal Dangerfield‘s value and contribution to the team:

“So the Liberty wanted Crystal Dangerfield to stay for the rest of the season because they saw her value and how she contributes. But when it comes to Lorela Cubaj and Sandy Brunello was asked about this, I believe it was pregame. Sunday and she sort of said, we were looking at the roster and we realized we needed a pure point guard more than we needed another post player.”

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