July 12, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Indiana Fever’s Kelsey Mitchell talks 2022 dominance, WNBA All-Star snub 

Howard Megdal and Indiana Fever's guard Kelsey Mitchell discuss All-Star snub and more

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal and Indiana Fever’s guard Kelsey Mitchell joining the podcast. She opens up on how she measures her success and why this 2022 season is just the beginning of the stardom ahead for Mitchell as she finds another level of play.

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Kelsey Mitchell talks about not making the all-star team:

“I think for me how it was, when it first happened and everything came out. It’s gonna sound crazy when I say, but, it’s always been a little bit harder for me, my journey has always been a little bit more difficult. My journey has always been well, I had to do more and show more, prove myself more. And it’s not to take away from any other athlete or any other All-Star or any other player in the league. It’s just my journey. Me specifically, it’s always been a little bit more challenging.

And so when it came out, in a way, I’m going to be honest, Howard I wasn’t surprised. I kind of always been like one of those ones where I always had to meet a different criteria and meet a standard.”

Kelsey Mitchell breaks down how she has elevated her game at the rim this season:

“I think for me Howard it was my preseason work. I know God works in mysterious ways, I broke my nose before the season started. So I went home. And when I was home, I kind of got back to the foundational work of everything. And when it came to like working on stuff, me and my dad were very specific on finishing like, we had sessions, two hour sessions just strictly finishing and being able to watch film. If I can be aggressive and get to the paint and pick my spots. I want them to be in the paint.”

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