November 21, 2023 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Lexie Hull talks USA Basketball 3×3, Indiana Fever

Howard and Lexie Hull discuss Indiana Fever and how it felt to win a gold medal with USA Basketball 3x3

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. It’s been another remarkable year for Lexie Hull, who joins host Howard Megdal for an in-depth discussion. From her gold medal with USA Basketball 3×3 and what the sport means to her to a sophomore season with the Indiana Fever that included growth and development for Hull and her team, Lexie is always worth hearing on the women’s game. Plus, you’ll never guess who she thinks will win the Pac-12!

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Lexie Hull talks about what it means to win a gold medal with USA Basketball 3×3:

“Well, the one piece that is new is the gold medal. So, the last two tournaments that I played in, the U-23 World Cup and then the AmeriCup last year, we won silver and bronze. So, for me, it was like an extra incentive to try to go and win that medal that I hadn’t come home with yet. So every time representing the US every single time, it’s really exciting, and it’s a real privilege. And when they messaged me inviting me to play on that, I was thrilled and really excited to play with the other three players, three players that I’ve never had a chance to play with before. So we met in Atlanta and got a chance to kind of practice for a few days before heading to Chile, which was great building chemistry reminding myself how to play 3×3 since it is a different mindset. So I mean, it’s great. And I had a lot of fun and even more fun that we ended the way we did.”

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Lexie Hull talks about what it feels like to have the national anthem playing while having the gold medal around her neck:

“It is emotional. It’s really emotional. And I think like you just realize in that moment that it’s bigger than you and it’s bigger than the four people that are there playing. We have an incredible support staff that came with us to Chile. And then we know that there are hundreds of thousands of people watching at home, supporting us from afar, and you know it’s bigger than the game of basketball. It brings together a country and allows me to represent a country that has provided so much for me and for my teammates. It just really means the world, so that moment kind of just culminates all of those emotions.”

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