March 23, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Lisa Leslie previews the Sweet 16 of the 2023 NCAA Tournament 

Howard and Lisa Leslie chat about DraftKings, her inside-outside game and the 2023 NCAA Tournament

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. The legendary Lisa Leslie joins host Howard Megdal to discuss the 2023 NCAA Tournament as the Sweet 16 fast approaches. Leslie weighs in on why sports betting matters, who is most like her inside-outside game that made her an iconic star of the early WNBA.

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Lisa Leslie talks about DraftKings and the impact it is making in women’s sports:

“The opportunities are coming when we have brands like DraftKings. You may have seen me before with them in the Superbowl commercial and so it’s so exciting to continue this relationship for me personally, but it’s about what they’re doing as a sports betting industry. I’m happy to join it because they are changing the game if you will. So yes, we want you to have fun, bet, and be responsible. But it’s also about the awareness that they are raising.

“And I’m not sure if you’re aware, but for March Madness, this is the first time DraftKings has the first women’s bracket where they were donating $1 for everybody who signed up to participate in the women’s bracket. They actually was like 49,000 plus people who signed up, which is amazing in our first year with them. But $25,000 will be donated to the Women’s Sports Foundation, which I am also a huge fan of Billie Jean King. So we’re talking about being a game changer literally because the more eyeballs that gets on this women’s game, the better we will be and I think the parity of what’s happening in a tournament is we’re starting to see makes it even more exciting so much more fun for all the fans, men and women to get involved and have some fun.”

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Lisa Leslie talks about her game and how in today’s game post players can be versatile:

“Having the Lisa Leslie award where I get a chance to watch these amazing centers, we just did our final votes. We know Aliyah Boston has won three years in a row. But the beautiful part about me looking now is that there’s never been one player that has done all the things that I do, but there’s players that do some of the things that I do, right so whether it’s spin the inside or being dominating from the inside, but Aliyah Boston doesn’t shoot threes, but she’s still an amazing player and I respect that like her hard work, her ability to rebound, her ability to offensive rebound, like she is literally everywhere the ball is run like I don’t know, I looked at her and I’m like, did I rebound like that? She has an amazing nose for the ball in such a touch and put back right. And so I think that it’s very interesting that you see different styles.

But a five that shoots the three the way that I did or drive the way that I did, or can bring the ball up. We’ve seen that evolve, right Candace Parker, even playing at the four and three and four, is able to do some of those things because of her height and still able to get inside.”

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