October 10, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: NCAA basketball: which coaching change will make the biggest impact in 2022-23?

Missy discusses who will make the biggest impact in their new job with some many coaching changes in the NCAAW

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Missy Heidrick breaking down the major coaching changes as we get ready for the NCAA 2022-23 season. Which coaches left jobs (or the field) and ended up somewhere else? Who is back in coaching?

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Missy talks about the coaching changes in the NCAA:
“First Shauna Green takes the Illinois job from Dayton highly successful career as a head coach in Dayton. And we saw them in the NCAA tournament last year. And she takes over this Illinois program now heading into the Big Ten. It is a difficult league to recruit to simply because there’s so much competition for the talent in the Midwest. But I think Shauna Green is a dynamic personality she’s going to get after it and she’s going to put together a squad that’s gonna play that the way she likes to play.”

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Missy talks more about what coaches decided to change programs in the NCAA:

“Sytia Messer is one of those head coaches that takes over at the University of Central Florida. Now, why did the UCF program come open? Well, that was because Katie Abrahamson-Henderson took over the job at Georgia, with Joni Taylor left to go to Texas A&M. I hope you follow those dots. But coach Messer takes over this UCF program and she had been a head coach at Tennessee Tech from 2009 to 2012. Then she joined Kim Mulkey and has been on her bench since then both at Baylor and for this first year at LSU.

When she takes over a UCF program that has had sustained success. Now UCF will also be making the jump to the Big 12 next year which changes things. But I think in this first season for UCF and coach Messer; she’s going to be looking to instill that culture and her system.”

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