September 27, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: NCAA season is near! Which games are you most looking forward to?

Missy talks all things women's college basketball as the season is approaching

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Missy Heidrick. The NCAA women’s college basketball season is fast approaching! Missy takes a look at some changes coming from the NCAA on transfers.

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Missy breaks down the NCAA transfer portal:

“The biggest thing was that when a young person decided they wanted to transfer, they only had to get permission. But they also then had to sit out a year once they went to that new school. So that was where the term of the redshirt really came in that was a big piece of it was that a student-athlete transferred to a new school, they sit out a year they maintain their eligibility, but they use that redshirt.

Well, we have a global pandemic and COVID comes into our lives. And the transfer portal became what it is that we know it today. We also have an extra year of eligibility that was given to student-athletes during that pandemic time that they’ve been able to utilize if they so choose.

So we’re starting to see some of these pendulum swings. First and foremost, you see that pendulum swing as relates to those extra years from COVID, sort of that super senior that you might see. But also those players and student-athletes have been able to go into the portal and they’ve been able to find a new home if that’s something that they want to do.”

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Missy talks about postgraduate transfers:

“There’s also been some notification that came down over the past week or so as it relates to postgraduate transfers. This is that whole other bucket that especially comes into play. As we see this group of student-athletes navigating through that extra year of eligibility, some playing five to six plus years because of their COVID year, student-athletes who will enroll at another school after graduating are now allowed to enter the transfer portal anytime.

That is what the Division 1 council decided earlier this week. The biggest piece of this is that postgraduate students will be subject to deadlines to enter the transfer portal. So it is not something they can just do whenever that they’ve got to be able to hit this window. For fall and winter sports, the deadline is May 1st. For spring sports that deadline is July 1st.”

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