November 28, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Navigating the NIL space with attorney Mit Winter

Missy and Mit Winter chat about navigating the NIL space in college basketball

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Missy Heidrick is joined by guest Mit Winter, one of the leading NIL attorneys in the country — he is with the KennyHertz Perry Law Firm here in Kansas City. He also played D1 basketball at William & Mary.

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Mit Winter talks about what has stood out the most in NIL in the past year or so:

“I would say the biggest thing over the first 18 or so months of NIL that people really didn’t have on their radar screen that’s become a huge factor in NIL and college sports, in general, is NIL collectives. When July 1, 2021 hit and college athletes are allowed to start monetizing their NIL. People had in mind brand deals, promoting businesses on social media, being in commercials, making appearances, signing autographs and things like that.

People didn’t really envision that boosters of a school that gets together, pool their money, creates a separate business. And then, that business would do its own deals with the athletes and help the athletes find the more traditional brand deals. So you know, a huge number of deals that are happening right now are happening through NIL collectives. And there’s just so much NIL activity happening through the collectives. That’s probably the biggest thing that’s happened since athletes have been able to monetize their NILs.”

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Mit Winter talks about how female athletes have found a niche in the NIL world:

“We’ve seen female college athletes do really well in the NIL and that’s through a wide variety of sports, as well. Female gymnasts have done awesome. And there’s a gymnast down at LSU name Olivia Dunne and I don’t know what her exact number is, but it’s in the millions of dollars made off of NIL deals.

A lot of it is based on social media following and a lot of the female college athletes have done an awesome job of growing a huge social media following, which a lot of brands like obviously more eyeballs on their promotional activity that brands are looking for. Another good example is the Cavinder twins, who were at Fresno State and have since transferred to Miami.”

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