January 24, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Kevin McGuff and the Ohio State University are a threat to win it all

Howard and coach Kevin McGuff discuss Jacy Sheldon's imminent return — the incredible defensive stats the entire roster is putting up

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal who is joined by Ohio State head coach Kevin McGuff, whose Buckeyes are off to a 19-1 start despite missing star guard Jacy Sheldon for much of the season. The two discuss Sheldon’s imminent return, the incredible defensive stats the entire roster is putting up, Rebeka Mikulášiková‘s breakout season and the return to campus by Kelsey Mitchell. Don’t miss this deep dive into a team that could be Dallas-bound.

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Coach Kevin McGuff talks about the Big Ten being as good as its ever been:

“The Big Ten is as good as it’s ever been. You know, the teams are great. There’s a lot of talent that the coaching is good as any league in the country. And one of the interesting things, too and I don’t have the stats behind this, but it seems like attendance is up everywhere. The interest in our league and the teams in our league is at an all-time high. So it’s tough. We’ve had a great run we were undefeated up until last night. And for us, now we got to handle losing; we’ve handled winning fine. Our kids have showed up; they’ve been focusing on that; we weren’t at our best last night. But give Iowa credit they were terrific. They were better than we were last night.”

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Kevin McGuff talks about Ohio State’s transition defense being so effective:

“One of the things I think we are doing a little bit better job this year, whether it’s versus like people at the end of the press or in transition divas. I think our post players are having a better presence around the basket, not fouling but at least making people shoot over them and take tough shots. And then we’re getting back into play in rebounding. So I think we are at the end of our transition defense or the end of our press and our post players are doing a really good job just not giving up easy baskets.”

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