June 7, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Your Seattle Storm questions answered!

Howard and Em talk about Mercedes Russell's return and all things Seattle Storm

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal and The Next‘s Em Adler taking a deep dive look into the Seattle Storm.

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Howard speaks about the WNBA games not being televised on a Sunday afternoon. When all [12] teams played on Sunday:

“I mean, it just comes down to again and again. The league has to balance and it’s an unenviable choice, the league has to balance new revenue coming in with satisfied and multiple TV partners. And figuring out a way to do that while continuing to grow.

But yes, I know for many of us, a Sunday afternoon and evening where you simply couldn’t see a lot of these great games happen.”

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Howard asked a good question for all Seattle Storm fans: The Mercedes Russell vs. Cheyenne Parker matchup. Will they see a lot of this matchup in tonight’s game? Em has more on this:

“I don’t think it’ll be an especially clear matchup. I mean, Cheyenne Parker isn’t someone who really challenges you downlow the post. Atlanta head coach, Tanisha Wright former Seattle Storm player; she really does an excellent job of getting players in good positions. So Cheyenne Parker has gotten a lot, a lot of touches really close to the rim.”

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