April 25, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Sharpshooting Taylor Mikesell of Indiana Fever details how she does it 

Howard and Taylor Mikesell chat about her offensive game, the pace of the game and playing for three different schools

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. Host Howard Megdal is joined by the new member of the Indiana Fever, Taylor Mikesell, to discuss how she went from Ohio school-aged star to a key part of Lin Dunn’s 2023 plans in Indiana, with several collegiate stops along the way. Mikesell is open about her journey and the two discuss how very modern the entirety of her career arc has been.

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Taylor Mikesell talks about the most underrated aspect of her game:

“Well, first, thank you for having me. I think the most, I guess, underrated aspect of my game would be my relationship with my teammates and the IQ that I bring to the game. I think I’m able to play with a lot of different teammates; obviously, being at three different schools have seen a lot of different cultures, a lot of different programs and how programs are ran. So I think the most underrated attribute would be just the ability to play in different situations.”

Taylor Mikesell talks about the pace of the game and how she can limit mistakes:

“Yeah, I think a little bit of having the game slowed down. But then I also think the comfortability with my teammates, like, got here was able to build a really good relationship with them pretty much right off the bat. And you know, having that extra added relationship and chemistry that you have kind of helps elevate the overall pace of the game as well. And then just being able to be comfortable knowing that you can make a mistake and won’t be pulled for it. And you kind of get to play through it. And ultimately, you end up having less mistakes as a result of that.”

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