November 15, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: South Carolina vs. Stanford preview, who will come out on top?

Natalie and Michelle discuss Sunday's matchup between South Carolina and Stanford

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Natalie Heavren who is joined by Pac-12 reporter at The Next Michelle Smith, to discuss what we’ve seen from the teams so far, as well as the impact of Aliyah Boston, Zia Cooke, Cameron Brink, Haley Jones and more.

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Michelle talks about who may have a breakout game on either team for the South Carolina vs. Stanford game:

“Well, it’s interesting because Stanford has used 15 players in all four games so far, but none of them have been close. So you get a lot of chance to give players minutes. But what I’ve really been keeping an eye on is how the minutes are being distributed right now, especially in the post. Kiki Iriafen is a sophomore. But she has been a very athletic, productive player for them so far as shooting at a high percentage. She’s the leading scorer at the moment.

And I think it’s interesting what we see right now about who’s getting minutes and what kind of minutes they’re getting because Cameron Brink has been so dominant.”

Michelle talks about what she has seen so far from South Carolina and Stanford:

“Well, you know, it’s interesting. The one name I haven’t mentioned yet is Haley Jones. So yeah, Haley Jones running the point for Stanford. She has been a bit slow in the first few games from a scoring perspective, although I think she’s been focusing on getting her new teammates involved and trying to get people involved in the game. They need points on the board and her size; they need that mismatch that they get with her at 6’1. So I think I’m looking for Haley Jones in this matchup.

I’m looking for Zia Cooke, the other senior guard and I’m looking for experienced players to see how they bring that experience to a game like this. And Cooke and Aliyah Boston, they’ve played together for a long time. They won a championship together now, so I’m looking for experienced players to see how they come to the floor in a game like this. And find their opportunities to assert themselves because there are a fair amount of young players on both these teams, but this is a hard showcase for young players.”

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