October 12, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Stella Johnson Day at Rider, where Lynn Milligan is building her next NCAA power in the MAAC

Howard and coach Lynn Milligan discuss the upcoming Rider jersey retirement of Stella Johnson

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal who is joined by longtime Rider head coach Lynn Milligan. The two discuss the upcoming Rider jersey retirement of Stella Johnson.

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Coach Lynn Milligan talks about Stella Johnson’s jersey retirement event:

“Going way back when we met when you were covering Stella, I mean, the ride she’s been on over these last five, six, seven years has been amazing. I just get to sit there and watch. I mean, she’s just done such an amazing job representing herself, her family and obviously our program over the years. And has just meant so much to the program as far as how she went about her business, how she went from good to great, which we all talk to our players about all the time.

Can you get everybody’s good? Can you get to great, and Stella got there through her discipline and hard work. The numbers don’t lie; the awards don’t lie; the accolades don’t lie. The most important part to her was that we won and we did with her leading the way for our first MAAC championship during that COVID year. And for us to be able to honor her by hanging her number in the rafters is just something that had to happen.”

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Lynn Milligan talks about how much easier her job is when you have caliber players like Stella Johnson on your team:

“Well, it makes it easy because it’s one of those things when your best players and hardest worker every day, not just on game day, every day, in practice in everything. In the classroom, extra work in the gym before the sun’s up most days and she still is doing that. So your best player sets the tone on a daily basis. And everything that she does in that consistency level that she did it with, it does make your job a lot easier because it bleeds into the rest of the team and Stella’s senior year, she was with five other seniors and it was a special group.”

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