April 13, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: The Seattle Storm had an eventful 2022 WNBA Draft without any first-round picks

Howard Megdal and Em discuss the Seattle Storm and all things 2022 WNBA draft

Locked on Women’s basketball is back tonight and today’s guest is Em Adler, the Seattle Storm reporter. Howard Megdal and Em discuss the Seattle Storm and all things 2022 WNBA draft.

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Em goes into depth about the biggest takeaway from Seattle’s Draft night:

“I think the biggest takeaway is they somehow always find a way to get the most value out of any situation. They are going all in on this year as basically half the league is. But they’re really committed to the idea, it’s Sue Bird’s last year. And it could be, they’re not hoping so, but they very much are aware it could be Stewart’s last year in Seattle.”

Howard and Em discuss what makes Gabby Williams and Alysha Clark different. And this is what Em had to say:

“I think on two fronts, it’s different on the first one Gabby Williams is definitely more athletic and sort of like the traditional when you sense in that she’s more like a backward disrupter than like a one on one and deep help defender. And she also has a little more handling or little more passing chops. Also different in the sense that she might not just be able to shoot well at all. Whereas Alysha Clark, her last few years in Seattle was basically getting half her threes.”

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