February 20, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: The race to the Big 12 title

Missy chats about the announcement of the exit of Texas and Oklahoma — plus more

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. The Big 12 Conference was in the news this month with an announcement on the exit of Texas and Oklahoma earlier than originally thought. How does this impact women’s basketball going forward? Host Missy Heidrick breaks that and more down today. It looks like it will be a crazy finish to the Big 12 regular season as Texas and OU fight for the title and to unseat Baylor, who has won the past 12 regular season title.

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Missy talks about the exit of Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC:

“So now we fast forward Feb. 9, and the Big 12 conference announces that it had agreed in principle with Oklahoma and Texas for them to leave the league following the 23-24 athletic year, one year earlier than originally had been discussed and announced. The largest sticking point has always been the financial compensation, which was finally agreed upon with all of the parties while it’s still subject to approval. And I’m sure getting closer now that we are a week or so out of this press release, the compensation to the Big 12 for the early withdrawals of the two schools totals $100 million in foregone distributable revenues to Oklahoma and Texas.”

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Missy talks about Baylor’s struggles in the Big 12:

“It has been a skid and Baylor is on a skid themselves. They’ve got work to do now; what does it look like for Baylor? Well, now, on Wednesday, Feb. 22, they’ve got to go to TCU. Well, that TCU team just got their first conference win of the season. It was looking as though TCU may actually go over in the Big 12 this year, but they were able to regroup. They shot the ball incredibly well, got themselves on a roll and beat a Kansas State team at home on Saturday 75 to 62.

So now Baylor, who themselves has been on a skid, who’s really kind of a bit out of sorts of fields, both on offense and defense. They’ve been short-handed. They’ve gotten themselves into foul trouble with a much shorter bench. It’s tougher for Nicki Collen. She’s got a lot of pieces of the puzzle that she’s got to move around. Well, now Baylor’s got to go to TCU on Wednesday, Feb. 22. That is absolutely a game they have got to win. They’ve got to put themselves back in the W column.”

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