November 30, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Tony Bozzella, Seton Hall and women’s basketball in New Jersey

Howard and coach Tony Bozzella chat about promoting women's basketball — point guard Lauren Park-Lane and more

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Howard Megdal, a New Jersey native, who is joined by Seton Hall lifer Tony Bozzella, who attended the school. And has returned to lead the women’s basketball program to glory. The two discussed the incandescent Lauren Park-Lane and the glory of Walsh Gym (and Town Hall Deli!).

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Coach Tony Bozzella talks about how important it is to promote women’s basketball and how its part of the head coaches job:

“Let’s make sure we subscribe because you and your group of amazing talented reporters do a great job promoting our great sport and that is part of our job. And if we don’t think that’s part of our job as head coaches, then we’re really missing the beat on this. Our job is to promote women’s basketball. I’ve said it in numerous ways, from who we scheduled when we schedule. I’ve said that numerous times, even on our biggest media day, you want me to play at midnight to help promote the sport or promote the sport. And I learned that really from Pat Summitt.

And, you know, I want to help in any way I can. I’m really big on these young reporters getting there, especially the young female ones. We need to get more people out there and represent women’s basketball and all types of female sports.”

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Tony Bozzella talks about point guard Lauren Park-Lane‘s game:

“We sat down after the VCU game where for three quarters she was non-existent. And you know it is a private conversation; she did a lot of it with my associate head coach, Lauren DeFalco, but no, Lauren Park-Lane expressed where she was at and coach DeFalco expressed to her where you need to be at and who you are. So you know, they’ve talked a lot and I think Lauren’s gonna really take off now these two games, Wisconsin and Georgia; she was playing much more aggressive and playing her game, so she’s gonna need to do it this weekend because obviously, we play at Xavier.

She had one of our best practices of the year yesterday. So I’m excited for her to take off now. I really believe that.”

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