May 17, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Toronto shows out for WNBA; Chicago Sky ready to prove doubters wrong 

Howard and James talk all things Toronto — Chicago's expectations for the 2023 season

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Host Howard Megdal is joined by The Next‘s Chicago Sky beat reporter, James Kay, to talk about the WNBA in Toronto and what it means writ-large for women’s basketball in Canada. Is Toronto ready for an expansion team? You bet! Then the duo goes over some of the biggest expectations and hinge points for the Sky’s season, with Friday and the tipoff of the 2023 WNBA season just days away.

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James talks about his experience traveling to Toronto for the Chicago vs. Minnesota game:

“Well, one thing I just want to say is that Toronto and the league just put on an incredible show for the fans out there. Kudos to them for being able to put that all together. But the one thing that I talked to the fans about and even Cathy mentioned was just the travel was actually just so seamless. I mean, honestly, I’ve had much more trouble traveling from Chicago to California than I’ve had traveling from Chicago to Toronto. So in terms of the difficulties that we sometimes talk about when it comes to thinking about Toronto as a potential destination for the WNBA, I actually thought it was pretty seamless, had no complaints.”

James talks about the future of the Chicago Sky:

“Well, I would say they probably lost a couple of stars. And, you know, I’ll say this, Howard, they read the power rankings; they all have the power rankings. Everyone is saying that this team is going to finish in 10th already to prove those people wrong. I even saw someone say that they ended up in fourth, which, I think, depends on Isabelle Harrison‘s availability, which I think some things have come up over the last 12 hours that might suggest that she might not be ready. But again, there’s nothing concrete there. But I do think that if, again, they have that healthy frontcourt, this team could actually surprise some people. So trust me, they’ve read the power rankings, and they made sure everyone knew about that on media day.”

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