February 17, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Wildcats, Huskies, Hoyas and BIG EAST update

Natalie and Tee talk about Maddy Siegrist breaking records, her evolution throughout the season —UConn's strength and weakness

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. What records has Maddy Siegrist broken? What is going on with UConn? How has Kennedy Fauntleroy helped Georgetown this season? Tee Baker, BIG EAST writer at The Next, joins host Natalie Heavren to discuss all things Wildcats, Huskies and Hoyas.

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Tee talks about Maddy Siegrist’s evolution throughout the season:

“So Maddy Siegrist has really exceeded our expectations from last time; I would say so not only has she broken the Villanova basketball men’s or women’s scoring record, but she’s also broken the BIG EAST women’s basketball scoring record. And she did it in typical Maddy Siegrist fashion, scoring 50 points and breaking the Villanova single-game scoring record at the same time. So she did that against Seton Hall just last week.

And she’s really just continuing to elevate her game somehow; when we talked six weeks ago, I talked about how over the summer, she’s found ways just to continue to get better. And you know, I think she’s definitely firmly in my National Player of the Year conversation and also, her WNBA draft stock is rising. I saw her on a recent WNBA draft board up as high as four as a pick. So she’s got the talent at the ticket to the next level and to really bring Villanova a pretty significant run this season.”

Tee breaks down UConn’s weakness in the last two weeks:

“I think that for them, their weaknesses are on the offensive. And the defense, you know, tends to still be a strength for the Huskies, they can just really hold the team accountable and really just shut them down. Honestly, on the defensive end, that’s always kind of been the brand for the Huskies. I think on the offensive end, sometimes they just get really stagnant; in the third quarter of the game against Creighton and they went five minutes at the beginning of the third quarter without scoring a point.

And finally, Dorka Juhász hit a three that allowed all the Husky fans to sit down because they stand clapping until that first point. But they need not to be standing around on offense; they need to create offense. If anything is their weakness is going to be on the offensive end, they need to be able to put up points, they need to be able to put up points from different places on the floor, and they need to be able to do it consistently. I think that’s been the biggest weakness this season. And I think some of it’s just not having a deep enough rotation to have different types of shooters and different types of rotations on the floor. And I think that’s going to be their biggest challenge in the postseason.”

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