April 18, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: 2023 WNBA Draft: Maddy Siegrist, Lou Lopez Sénéchal, Dallas Wings 

Howard speaks to Maddy Siegrist and Lou Lopez Sénéchal along with Dallas team president Greg Bibb and head coach Latricia Trammell

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. 2023 WNBA Draft spotlight: Maddy Siegrist and Lou Lopez Sénéchal. Host Howard Megdal puts the two picks in the larger context of the Dallas franchise arc. Then Howard speaks to each pick, along with Dallas Wings team president Greg Bibb and head coach Latricia Trammell, to get a firsthand account of the work ahead.

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Howard asked Maddy Siegrist what her goals are for this upcoming WNBA season. Also, coach Trammell mentions how she is going to use Siegrist offensively:

[Maddy Siegrist] “Yeah, just coming in; I just want to be a sponge. I want to learn as much as I can; fortunate a lot of veterans on this team and a great coaching staff. Just trying to be a sponge, get the lay of the land a little bit and whatever my team needs me to do, all do.”

[Latricia Trammell] “When we think about Maddy and watch what she can do offensively, but I’m going to go back to this a little bit, Howard. Someone asked Maddy a question in the draft room. And someone said you have so many incredible scores on the Dallas Wings team? How are you going to find your shots? And how are they going to become available? And Maddy gave just a perfect answer. And she meant it. She said, well, that means I’m going to have to rebound then.

And so I think that says a lot about Maddy and coming in with the mindset that she has, that she’s going to be the best teammate possible. I will definitely put her in great offensive possession to be where she will feel confident translating her game from the college level to professionally. And she’s going to have some incredible players around her to help her grow like she said, she’s going to be a sponge coming in, but we will definitely put her in the right positions. And that’s probably about every position on the court.”

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Howard asked the Dallas Wings team president Greg Bibb regarding Maddy’s turnover ratio and, when selecting guards, those that play into effect:

“I’ve said many times in the past the difference between winning and losing in the WNBA is razor thin. And one of the things that determines the outcome of a basketball game is turnovers. So if you’re a player who does not turn the ball over, the coach has that confidence in you. You’re going to get more playing time than a player who does turn the ball over more and it’s not with Maddy’s stats. I’m glad you referenced Arike Ogunbowale because somehow the narrative around her being efficient player has been lost, probably just because of the volume in which she scores but good reference.

Maddy does that or has done that in a collegiate career, not so when she’s challenged by one defender, not when she’s challenged by two defenders, and sometimes not when three defenders challenged her, but I can show you plenty of films where on catching the basketball, there’s four players around her. And she went into the season knowing every time she touched the ball, at minimum, there’s going to be two players around her.

So when I think about that, and I think about her transition into WNBA and I think about the players she’s going to be on the court with and how the opposition will not be able to do that. Then you think about efficiency. And what does that mean for Maddy? So I think we’ve seen it at the college level. I’m excited to see it when she doesn’t have four players around her at the WNBA level.”

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