July 27, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Dana Evans is making a difference for Chicago Sky, future women’s basketball stars

Howard and Dana Evans discuss her offseason plans, a bigger role for the 2023 season, coaching staff changes and more

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Dana Evans of the Chicago Sky asked for and received a bigger role ahead of the 2023 season. She joins host Howard Megdal to discuss all of it, from how the Sky are navigating changes in their coaching staff and front office to the players she patterns herself after most as she works to keep on evolving her game. Plus, hear about her AAU team and how she is giving back to the women’s basketball community.

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Dana Evans talks about new opportunities and moments that stand out this season with the Sky:

“Yeah, I would say I’ve had some spurts where I’ve shown that I can really compete on this level. I feel like there were games toward the beginning where I was showing that I could do more than just be an offensive player. I feel like I’ve gotten better defensively. I will say just putting pressure on the ball, showing different dynamics in my game because I don’t think I’ve been able to show everything that I can do. But I think I’m getting better and better every game, every practice. It’s a process because this is the best league in the world. So you have to give yourself grace. But I feel like I’ve gotten a lot better since my rookie year, for sure.”

Dana Evans talks about what was in the plans for her in 2023 with the Sky, a bigger role and elevating her game:

“Well, so in the offseason, when I was overseas, I talked with the coaching staff a lot. I was talking with James a lot. And he was saying that I was going to have a bigger role this year. And he was telling me the things that he expect from me this season. So first and foremost, that’s always comforting, and it’s always giving you more confidence when you’re hearing that from the coach and that you’re going to have a bigger role. So I think I was prepared and I was ready for it. But I think just me being able to finish around the rim this year has been so much better than the past two years. But the only thing now is my 3-point percentage has dropped a little bit, but that’s just the game of basketball.

Once you get better at this area, then you gotta clean this up and clean this up. So you just got to stay sharp and work on everything. But I think I’ve grown finishing with floaters, getting in the lane, pulling up just reading the defense more instead of just going at one speed. Also, think changing my gears, changing my speeds, keeping defense off balance is always key. It just watching different players that I think I can play like and just steal or things from their game as well.”

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