August 17, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Kristy Wallace is force for WNBA’s Indiana Fever, WNBL, Team Australia

Howard and Kristy Wallace talk about all things Indiana Fever and Team Australia

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. How did Kristy Wallace overcome four knee surgeries in three years to become a global star for everyone from Christie Sides’ Indiana Fever to the Australia Opals? She joins host Howard Megdal to discuss that journey and even how close it came to ending. The two also go over everything from Grace Berger‘s development to international prioritization rules, even the impact from Freddy Fever on Indiana team culture.

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Kristy Wallace talks about the decision to come to Indiana:

“Christie Sides got the job in Indiana and at the time, I still thought I was playing for Atlanta. But when conversations started happening with my agent, I had a chat with Christie and we were like talking about this, is this an option? Would you want to come to Indiana? And just knowing that Christie had the job and was coming here? I said, yes, without a doubt, I think that I trust Christie, and I know what she’s about and who she is as a person. And I know she’s got the best intentions in her heart. So I was keen to be a part of the build that she’s trying to make here. And already, she’s done a great job. And our team has done really well. You know, obviously, we have our ups and downs. But I think she’s done a great job.”

Kristy Wallace talks about the balance between leadership and being a role player:

“Yeah, I try to just connect with them like off court, try to connect and just be a good teammate to whoever it is. You know, particularly Grace Berger. She’s got so much talent and she’s going to be the future of this program. So she’s someone you just want to give confidence, encourage and help when you can. But she’s got it covered, so in terms of her, she’s got so much talent and potential is really just experience for her. And that will come in time. It really, really will. But yeah, in terms of my role, I just want to be a good teammate to everyone. And, yes, we are young. And so we need to navigate how we kind of go about ourselves more in terms of just our knowledge of the game. So we just need to continue to educate ourselves and spend more time in the film room. And just learning to educate ourselves.”

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