August 16, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Lexie Hull talks Indiana Fever rise in WNBA and fall of the Pac-12 

Howard and Lexie Hull discuss Indiana Fever improvement, the transition from last season to this season, adjusting offensively and more

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Lexie Hull is uniquely positioned to discuss all of the women’s basketball landscape, and she does so with host Howard Megdal. Everything from the rise of the Indiana Fever to Hull’s transitioning to the starting lineup, how Stanford should move forward now that the Pac-12 is no more, and what offseasons look like for young players in pro basketball as the options continue to proliferate. Lexie explains it all!

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Lexie Hull talks about the growth in Indiana and the transition from last season to this season:

“Yeah, I mean, this season last season was definitely a new experience, being on a team. And in a program that loses more games. And we’ve won over the course of the past two years. So coming in, it was definitely a big transition, trying to figure out how to make that change, how to make that progress as a group. And I think this year, especially, we’re seeing just a lot of glimpses of really great things happening. We can see progress happening. And I think as a group, we’re just really having to buy into the process that rebuild is shaky at the start; we have a lot of things to learn and make better as a group. And I think just being able to trust the process and know we’re moving in the right direction. I think that’s been the psychological change going into the season.”

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Lexie Hull talks about how the Fever have adjusted offensively, spacing the floor and how defense is a top priority for her and the team:

“Yeah, I think getting the right pieces in here. Aliyah Boston has been an incredible addition to our offense; she spaces the floor in her own way. She has some games has three people pulling toward her, so obviously, that changes the spacing of our offense. And just figuring out how to play off of that, how to make the right read where you can make the right cuts, make the right passes. It’s all a learning game. And we’re really, I think, growing as a group.”

“I think that’s my number one role is guarding the other team’s best guard. Figuring out how to be long, how to make them change the way they play offense and take away things that they want. I think with my length on the wings it’s really helpful on the defensive end. And I think every team, you’re trying to figure out what your role is and what piece you are to the puzzle of a winning team. And I think coming in, that’s kind of been Christie Sides’ main thing for me is be locked in defensively, be disciplined, and then let the offensive come. And I’ve been trying to do that this season.”

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