June 20, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Kalani Brown finally getting to shine in WNBA for Dallas Wings 

Howard and Kalani Brown chat about Baylor, the fan base and her return to the WNBA

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Kalani Brown is finally getting to shine in WNBA for the Dallas Wings, host Howard Megdal discusses with Kalani herself. The evolution of her game is important to dissect, both for what it means for Brown and the process of development in the women’s game as a whole. The two go deep on how Kalani stayed positive, what she learned overseas, and why she is able to dominate for Dallas.

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Kalani Brown talks about returning to the league and the difference between playing overseas and the W:

“It could definitely feel like that. I think overseas is a different mentality. A different system, so to speak. At different plays, I feel like overseas; I have more freedom to do what we like and do because they depend on you to score. But in the W is different; it’s a different pace, a different system, and different players who have way more help. I should say everybody’s a star on your team and W, so you just have other ways to impact the game versus overseas where you are at the star and you are, what they’re paying you to come over there and do is score, so you just don’t think about it. So I think the WNBA is a little bit more thinking on that aspect.”

Kalani Brown talks about the gap between college basketball and the WNBA fan base and attention:

“Yeah, there was a gap but certain organizations, like I was drafted to the LA Sparks, the Sparks had a nice, very nice fan base, very big fan base and we were playing in the Staple Center at the time. So it wasn’t that much of a big leap for me, when sometimes we go on the road and go to other cities, the fan base is not as dense as it would normally be. Yeah, I would say that. And Baylor has sold out crowds like our fans are loyal. They’re ready to see us. You know, they showed out just recently, coming out for Brittney Griner on her night. So Baylor fans are really loyal. We had lots of sold-out crowds every night.”

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