August 2, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Kayla McBride, the Minnesota Lynx and a WNBA legacy

Howard discusses Kayla McBride's career and why she matters — McBride talks about what she's meant to the Lynx

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Kayla McBride matters. That’s the subject of the latest Locked On Women’s Basketball podcast, with host Howard Megdal discussing the history of McBride’s coverage, her work in the league, what she’s meant to the Lynx and her teams before that, and how she is integral to what Minnesota is accomplishing in 2023.

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Howard talks about Kayla McBride’s game and being underrated:

“We don’t hear much about Kayla McBride. She is consistent. Her career free throw percentage is 89.5%, 89.5%. Just a remarkable number is virtually in the Elena Delle Donne zone. When it comes to free throws when it comes to her ability to score at all three levels, and something she’s always done well, her mid-range is deadly. Her ability to get to the rim is and remains a very strong part of her game. And she hits 36.5% of threes in her career. She’s right at that level here this year as well. When she needs to score more, she scores more. That’s what she did on Friday night with (26) when she needs to be a secondary playmaker, while she always averages right around three assists per game.

And more important, her turnover percentage for her career is 10.7, one of the best numbers in all of WNBA history. I don’t mean to overstate it; she’s 14 among all players, seventh among active players in turnover percentage; what does that mean? She doesn’t make mistakes. She’s just so fundamentally sound as a guard as a wing wherever you put her wherever you need her.”

Kayla McBride talks about her winning mentality and scoring more:

“Obviously, she’s [Napheesa Collier] been having an amazing season. But somebody like that goes out. Everything that she brings to the table is just bringing our toughness and our level of competition because she does so much on offense in the defense side of the ball. So for me, it’s about finding the right times to be aggressive on the offensive end. But also just bringing the toughness in the overall game. So everybody is lifted up because, like I said, you can’t just replace her with one person.”

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  1. RM Williams on August 3, 2023 at 2:07 pm

    Howard, it isn’t often that I take issue with what you have to say. This time, however, I must. I would amend your statement, and say Kayla McBride should matter more. I am sure as a seasoned veteran she is a very valuable resource for Diamond and Dorka. I’m just not sure that the numbers this season are what Coach Reeve anticipated. I’m going to break it down:
    McBride has played 25 0f the 27 games, averaging just about 13 ppg
    Of those 25 games, 6 have been single digits including one 0 point game
    3 games have been 20+ points
    7 games have been between 15-19 points
    9 games have been 10-14 points
    I’m not really into analytics, but to me, these are numbers for a really good bench player, not someone who goes by the sobriquet “McBuckets.”
    Don’t get me wrong. I like McBride, and was very excited when she came on board a few years ago. But if the Lynx are really looking toward the future, where exactly does McBride fit in? Does she remain a starter, is she relegated to the bench, or do the Lynx move on? As the saying goes, show me, don’t tell me. If you call yourself a scorer, than score. You say she is consistent. I say she is not, and the numbers don’t lie. I think for McBride to remain with the Lynx, she needs to close out the season on a major tear, and with consistency. Unlike a fine wine, players do not generally get better with age.

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