July 25, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: The Minnesota Lynx and Lindsay Allen are surprising the WNBA

Howard and Lindsay Allen discuss her journey in the WNBA, running point for the Lynx and more

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. Nobody told Lindsay Allen and the Minnesota Lynx that 2023 was a rebuilding year. For Allen, a standout at Notre Dame, finding her place in the league has been a significant challenge, but she has taken the challenge of running point for the Lynx and run with it. Hear how that came together with Cheryl Reeve behind the scenes, and take the WNBA journey of Allen’s career with her in this in-depth look at her basketball life.

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Lindsay Allen talks about fighting hard to be in the league and stay in the league:

“Yeah, I think a part of it is just remaining grateful to be still playing the sport at this level, being able to play here in WNBA at home in front of family and friends, but also playing overseas and staying healthy and doing that as well. So staying grateful on that, but also, the flip side is there’s never any breaks; I’m always fighting for a spot or a job or fighting to stay relevant in a way. So it’s just never being satisfied, never being content, always working hard every day in practice, and just kind of trying to raise my level every season and every year.”

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Lindsay Allen talks about being the starting point guard for the Minnesota Lynx:

“That’s a great question because I felt like it was just sort of a process. And something that I really had to not really grow into, but wrap my head around and just stay confident in that. So yeah, to start the season in training camp, I was the starting point guard. And then, we realized it wasn’t really a good fit with who we are on the court at the time and our starting lineup. And so Tiffany Mitchell came in for me. And I came off the bench, and I was able to sort of figure things out a bit more and kind of watch the game and see what’s needed of me and see what I can provide that’s like differently from Tiffany, but also complements Tiffany and other players on our team and our lead guard in Rachel. And so figuring that out and knowing, okay, this is what I can do, this is how I can see the court. And this is where people will need the ball.

And I think also just more time with the team in general overall. I think we all just have to learn each other the first couple of weeks of the season, especially, but I think that time coming off the bench was really important for me, and then when Tiffany went down with her wrist injury, it was like, okay, like now, I can kind of step into this and know that I just have to do the same things I was doing when I was coming off the bench. But now I’m just starting the game doing that and playing with pace, playing with confidence getting into the paint, running stuff for the scorers Napheesa Collier, Kayla McBride, Diamond Miller, and just kind of staying confident and knowing that like Cheryl has my back and my teammates have my back.”

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