August 15, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: Sylvia Fowles says farewell, WNBA Playoffs are here

Alex and ESPN's Alexa Philippou discuss Sylvia Fowles' final game and the WNBA playoffs

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Alex Simon of Bay Area News Group and ESPN‘s Alexa Philippou talking about being in Connecticut for Sylvia Fowles‘ final game as the Minnesota Lynx get eliminated from the WNBA playoff hunt.

Alexa talks about being in Connecticut for Sylvia Fowles’ final game of her WNBA career:

“I think it’s something I’ll probably remember forever because it’s not like every day you’re covering the last game of a legend like that, especially when it’s the regular season. So it’s kind of this anti-climatic disappointing and I think even non-Lynx fans were hoping that maybe they would have pulled out the win and gotten some help and seen Sylvia Fowles play again in the playoffs.

But it was a very emotional day. I think in general, you could tell kind of before the game it looks like Sylvia Fowles was just kind of taking it all in.”

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Alexa breaks down the bottom two teams that made the WNBA playoffs:

“I have more faith New York could scare Chicago than Phoenix could scare the Aces. Yeah, I don’t know how to grapple with everything that’s happened in Phoenix over the last few weeks. The fact that they still ended up getting into the playoffs with recent events because there’s just still a lot to go.

I definitely did not expect them to make the playoffs. I think even once Tina Charles left, I was like, oh, yeah, they’re done. So I think in some ways credit to the players who were still playing and credit to the players that were healthy and did enough to win.”

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