August 8, 2023 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: WNBA sage Jasmine Thomas is back leading for the Los Angeles Sparks 

Howard and Jasmine Thomas discuss her comeback from injury, her leadership role and how she felt in her first game back

It’s time for another Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast episode. WNBA sage Jasmine Thomas is back leading for the Los Angeles Sparks, and she joins Howard Megdal to talk about everything from her comeback after her injury last season to what she’s imparting to her teammates on a day-to-day basis, both sides of the ball. Just what does the Curt Miller system look like in a new city with different personnel? What is her outlook for the years ahead, on and off the court? Enjoy this in-depth conversation about all of it.

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Jasmine Thomas talks about the moment she stepped foot on the court after coming back from injury:

“I mean, it was a scary moment. I feel like that’s what I remember, just being really nervous and excited. But also, like it was the first time really being kind of full go the way that my recovery went, I wasn’t in training camp. So I didn’t have that time to be in full contact during all the contact drills before the season started. So once I got back on the court playing games, I was really using games to get my rhythm back, which was a nerve-wracking experience. But honestly, I just had to stay patient and still have grace with myself during this process. I think, what is it? I’m, like, 14 months out of surgery right now. So, you know, still, definitely healed, definitely recovered. But still, this is a different part of that combat journey now.”

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Jasmine Thomas talks about the veteran leadership role and how she communicates to her teammates on both sides of the floor:

“I honestly feel like it’s on both sides. Defense has always been my comfort; it’s been where I’ve made a name for myself; it’s where I take my pride in being tough-nosed and locked in game plans, no one-player personnel. So I definitely talk a lot on the defensive end, but also in the offense, just because this is a system that I’ve been in. So kind of seeing how it’s been successful in the past and how there’s a whole different personnel here. So it changes a little bit to fit this system. But I think I’ve been able to be vocal on that side too, and kind of ease some of those frustrations, or maybe help when actions aren’t feeling as good as we want them to, how we can run different sets or get certain people in different situations. I feel like whether it’s in practice or shootarounds in film or in games, I’m able to help give some information to my teammates.”

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