November 1, 2022 

Locked on Women’s Basketball: WNBA faces in the WNBL and Australian preview with Hayley Wildes, Part I

Isabel and Hayley Wildes discuss all things WNBL as the 2022 season is approaching

It’s time for another episode of the Locked on Women’s Basketball podcast. This episode features host Isabel Rodrigues who is joined by the terrific WNBL writer at Pick and Roll, Hayley Wildes, to discuss the fast-approaching 2022 WNBL season. From Olivia Nelson-Ododa to Sami Whitcomb, Adelaide’s Steph Talbot and so much more.

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Hayley talks about how she started watching women’s basketball and what got her into it:

“Yeah, so I’ve followed basketball for years, sort of since I was a kid. I never actually played but always just watched it. And luckily, in Australia, we had awesome Opals teams and locals teams as I grew up. And was really able to watch basketball at a high level from when I was young.

So yeah, I followed women’s basketball when I was young and went to watch Lauren Jackson when she was playing for the Canberra Capitals back in the day. And that was great to be able to see her at such a young age when I was so young and to see her dominating the game.”

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Hayley talks about how she first found out about the WNBL and how she started covering it for the Pick and Roll:

“Yeah, so I was actually writing about men’s basketball in Australia. And then I was writing for the Pick and Roll, and I said we need a women’s writer. So I’ve always kept in touch with the women’s game and always knew what was going on. But since a couple of years ago, I’ve sort of dived back in and now, I just write about women’s basketball and it’s so great.”

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