February 28, 2024 

Locked On Women’s Basketball: Molly (Bolin) Kazmer talks Iowa, offensive firepower and her own scoring prowess

Natalie Heavren is joined by basketball legend Molly (Bolin) Kazmer to discuss Iowa's success and Molly's own career

On the latest episode of Locked On Women’s Basketball, host Natalie Heavren is joined by basketball legend Molly (Bolin) Kazmer to discuss fellow historic greats in NCAA and AIAW history. They also explore the history of women’s sports in Iowa and even dive into Molly’s own playing history.

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Natalie and Molly open the conversation by discussing none other than Caitlin Clark. What makes her just so fun to watch? “People weren’t used to seeing somebody shoot” from such a distance, Molly opines. “And then people realized she’s also a great ball handler,” and her skill and domination of the NCAA has “really put a shine on women’s basketball and benefited not only the colleges but the WNBA as well.” For Molly, who grew up in Iowa and played right after the passing of Title IX, watching Clark is “super exciting… to see sellout crowds, and they’re not only for the University of Iowa, but for everywhere Caitlin’s playing, they’re selling out the stadiums.” Needless to say, Natalie and Molly agree that Clark is doing indescribable things for the sport.

Natalie and Molly then move onto discussing Molly’s own historic career. Clark is currently chasing Lynette Woodard’s Division I scoring record; Molly, who actually played against Lynette, had some memories. “I think Lynette was probably one of the first in this generation of just really all-around strong, talented, athletic players… she embodied the start of a new generation of players.” Molly played against other greats like Cheryl Miller and Pearl Moore, and she reflects on that history with Natalie as well.

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Natalie and Molly end the episode by going further back in time, to the start of Molly’s playing days. “I think the way you really start is just by loving the game,” Molly said. “I enjoyed doing it so much, I just wanted to play all the time.” Basketball camps, elite coaching, and a steady increase in competition elevated Molly to high school success and eventually a college and professional career. At some point along the way, she picked up the nickname “Machine Gun Molly,” after a reporter watched her score a bunch of points in rapid succession. “I never liked that,” Molly said, “but the next thing you know, everyone’s calling me that.”

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