September 23, 2021 

She Got Next, Episode 34: Pepper Persley talks to Seattle Storm head coach Noelle Quinn

‘I like to say it was destiny, basketball something that chose me’

Our fearless podcaster, Pepper Persley, has returned with her latest episode: a conversation with coach Noelle Quinn of the Seattle Storm.

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“I like to say it was destiny, basketball something that kind of chose me, I wasn’t forced into it, my parents didn’t force me to play but I just remember a young child and just loving to play outside at least this I grew up watching the Showtime Los Angeles Lakers so that’s why, it’s always a part of like my being and it still is obviously, but I loved it at a very early age.”

Pepper asked Coach Quinn if she played any other sports, “I did in high school played volleyball and ended up being a pretty decent volleyball player won a couple of state championships prior to high school involved in a lot of things, playing softball, kickball, a little bit of bowling every now and then with my family. So yeah, I was very active in a lot of sports.”

Pepper mentioned something very important regarding girls who join sports becoming leaders. This relates to coach Quinn now being the head coach for the Storm. Coach Quinn had a long career in the WNBA. And she describes what type of player she was in the league.

“Unselfish, hardworking, and it’s not one word. But I like to say a great teammate if it’s one word kind of answer with that. But as a pass-first player, I always like to get my teammates involved. I felt like I always was working hard, whether it was in practice and games or just outside of the offseason. And then I just really pride myself and being a great teammate, whether it’s through leadership, as a vet, talking to the younger players, as a younger player, absorbing all the information from older players. Just that’s one thing that I was really prideful about really, made sure I honed in on, is being an exceptional person and a great teammate.”

Enjoy Pepper’s latest podcast episode with coach Quinn.

Written by Pepper Persley

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