November 19, 2021 

She Got Next, Episode 38: Pepper talks to Cindy Brunson

'I think that the PAC-12 will send eight teams to the NCAA tournament'

Our fearless podcaster, Pepper Persley, has returned with her latest episode: a conversation with Cindy Brunson.

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Cindy Brunson and Pepper start off with predictions about the PAC-12 and here is what Cindy had to say:

“I have been watching the feeds and talking to coaches throughout the conference. And I’m super excited. I think that the PAC-12 will send eight teams to the NCAA tournament. So I think UCLA has a really good shot to get into that mix as well. And then, of course, the defending champions Stanford, the conference is loaded top to bottom. And it is going to be amazing this season.”

Cindy goes into depth about the atmosphere in the PAC-12 arenas and games:

“You can feel the momentum change. You can feel the strength and the tenacity. It’s palpable. It hits you in the face. And it’s the best part of my job because I’m sitting there courtside and I get to see the frustration or the excitement on the players’ or coaches’ faces and it’s right there. And there’s no better experience in the world than having that ticket in your hand going to your seat and watching some of the best women’s basketball being played in the nation in the PAC-12 conference.”

Brunson also speaks about the NIL and how impactful is going to be for players:

“It’s going to be interesting because a very few people are going to really be able to maximize and when I say maximize, I mean life-changing money, where you’re not worried about paying bills for a while. And we’ve only seen a couple of those, a handful, if you will, across the nation. So I think it’ll just be an opportunity for players to have some walking around money and to not worry about rent, or maybe even be able to help their families and send a little something back home if they need to.”

Enjoy Pepper’s latest podcast episode with Cindy Brunson.

Written by Pepper Persley

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