April 12, 2021 

The Next: Where women’s basketball coverage never stops

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Good morning! Today we began to unveil our team-by-team WNBA Draft previews. On Thursday night, our army of reporters will be part of every single team availability, adding expert context and analysis you’ve come to expect from our diverse team at The Next.

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But this is nothing new — for us, anyway. We cover the sport of women’s basketball with the urgency and respect it has always deserved. If you’re on this list, you know how fast and furious it comes your way.

To us, covering women in sports isn’t an exception to be celebrated, it needs to be the everyday reality. And it is part of a larger change that needs to happen, especially in media, to truly bring equality into the sports world. Sports is a mirror to society — and lifting these stories changes not only opportunities for women in sports, but expands the way society at large supports those opportunities.

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