October 6, 2020 

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Why what we're building matters for the future of women's sports coverage

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Hi everyone. Im here to explain why it is important that you support The IX Newsletter and The Next Women’s Basketball Newsroom if you care about how women’s sports are covered.

We have two problems in sports media right now. There’s a scarcity of coverage for women’s sports, and there’s an enormous diversity problem among those who cover it. Together, The IX and The Next attack these issues, which overlap but differ, in key ways.

At The IX, we have five voices who report on 5 different women’s sports — Soccer, Tennis, Hoops, Golf and Hockey — connecting those worlds in ways men’s sports benefited from for decades, highlighting new and diverse voices for benefit of editors and readers alike.

This elevates both the voices doing the work and increases the eyeballs on the work they do, making it easier for those trying to cover women’s sports more to make the case internally, and connecting those who follow it to the coverage itself.

t is also vital to train those who can cover women’s sports properly, give them the reps and while we’re at it, change the makeup of those doing the work. And that’s why the 24/7 women’s basketball newsroom at The Next matters so much. That’s what we do every day.

The value you receive is worth it purely for its own sake. Annie Peterson, Joey Dillon, me, Carly Grenfell and Erica L. Ayala in your inbox every weekday at The IX. Original reporting, interviews, curated links. $4 a month, $40 a year. 15 cents an email!

And our 30+ remarkable young, diverse group at The Next needs your support. They NEVER. STOP. REPORTING. All things women’s basketball, those who signed up already know, more than 100 reported pieces every month! $9 a month, $72 a year.

Support what you can, where you can. But understand: it’s not just about enjoying women’s sports coverage unlike any we’ve ever had. It’s about building infrastructure to support all the women’s sports coverage, now and in the future.

Editors hire writers they’ve read at The IX and The Next. Many of your favorites began here, got a boost here, still have a home here because at other publications, women’s sports coverage comes and goes.

Not at The IX.

Not at The Next.

We cover women’s sports with urgency, with intensity, with consistency.

We do it every day.

Join us, and help us keep on doing it.

Written by Howard Megdal

Howard is the founder of The Next and editor-in-chief.

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