December 21, 2023 

WNBA app set to deliver 2023-24 WNBL games

First time WNBA has provided streaming access for WNBL

In celebration of World Basketball Day, the WNBA announced Thursday that it will provide fans with streaming access to over 50 Women’s National Basketball League (WNBL) games within its app, giving the league’s fans easy access to watching Jordin Canada, Naz Hillmon and others play for their offseason teams.

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The WNBL, Australia’s top-flight women’s basketball league, is already available on-demand access to over 50 of the league’s regular season and postseason games. This marks the first time that the WNBA has provided streaming access for the league. The WNBL features eight teams, with regular-season concluding Feb. 24, followed by the players.

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“The WNBL’s international strategy is focused on highlighting our position as a global game, and strategically aligning with select international markets,” Christy Collier-Hill, head of WNBL, said of the announcement. “We’re therefore thrilled to be showcasing world-class athletes and world-class competition of the WNBL through the WNBA app.” 

Players who participate in both the WNBL and the WNBA include Canada, Hillmon, Cayla George, Aari McDonald (Atlanta), Jade Melbourne, Mercedes Russell, Brianna Turner, Kristy Wallace, Sami Whitcomb , Jocelyn Willoughby and Amanda Zahui B.

“At a time when accessible content is a key factor in driving the growth of women’s sports, adding WNBL games and additional content provides us with a new international touchpoint to support the overall women’s professional basketball ecosystem,” WNBA Chief Growth Officer, Colie Edison, said. “With a number of current WNBA players starring in the WNBL this season, this aligns with our long-term goal of providing year-round, direct-to-consumer content.” 

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In Thursday’s game between the UC Capitals and the Adelaide Lightning, available on demand right now on the WNBA App, Melbourne’s Capitals defeated Adelaide, featuring Willoughby and Turner, 86-73.

Written by Talia Goodman

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