June 9, 2020 

You can change how women’s basketball is covered in America

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Hi all! Howard Megdal here. Just updated our staff on our progress since launching last week, and wanted to reiterate to all of you why it’s so important you support The Next financially, if you can.

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EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. I see two things in this space. I see some of the most talented young people at The Next killing themselves to cover women’s basketball 24/7/365. (You’re signed up for our emails, so you see it, too.) And I see incredible journalists, friends of mine and icons, losing their jobs every day.

At The Next, we are subscriber-supported. Your support makes the work possible. Also at The Next: our revenue goes directly to the journalists doing the work. We’re here every day to cover women’s basketball with the urgency men’s sports can take for granted.

We have always — not in response to current events, but ALWAYS — explicitly sought out a diverse newsroom, to attack directly the scarcity of women and people of color in this space. That this is true in covering a majority-WOC sport is particularly vital.

If you are a part of the WNBA teams, the NCAAW programs that we cover, I want you to think about the role The Next writers above have played in how you’ve been covered over the past few years, and whether that’s worth financially supporting.

If you care about the makeup of sports journalism, want there to be a pipeline of young, diverse talent trained to cover women’s basketball and explicitly understanding that it matters the way men’s sports matters — you’ll give what you can to support The Next.

So many people have stepped up in this, our first week at The Next since launch. With more of you, our obsessively dedicated staff can earn legit freelance money, and do it while covering women’s basketball — no easy task even before the collapse of so many outlets.

And if enough of you step up, we can do things like hiring this all-star staff full-time. You deserve that. They deserve that. We’re here every day, and we already KNOW the work is worth your time and ours.

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Written by Howard Megdal

Howard is the founder of The Next and editor-in-chief.

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